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Professional Photo Organizer + Founder of Howe Organized

Imagine how lucky I felt when my computer hard drive crashed, none of my photos were backed up, and my computer guy was able to work his magic to restore my precious family memories. It was then that I learned the power of backups and having digital photos organized.

I started Howe Organized to not only resolve my own photo mess, but to help others not feel overwhelmed by their photos.  Honestly, until Covid had me working from home and I was forced to look around my house into the dreaded cupboards, there was no sense of urgency to deal with the photo mess. 

Until then, scrapbooking was my way of keeping up with memories, but as I was preparing to downsize for a move, I lost interest in that and wanted something easily portable and maintainable.  

However, it really hit home when there was a flood in our town and my in-laws lost everything – their home, car and all of their pictures.  I spent weeks trying to salvage newborn baby pictures only to watch them disappear right before my eyes when removing them from photo albums. 

Don’t let this happen to you. Reach out today and let’s get started creating custom photo solutions for your special memories so they last a lifetime and beyond.


Important Tip: I believe it is better to have a dozen great photos that tell the story than thousands buried on a dusty hard drive that no one ever sees. My family jokes that I have so many photos that they will never see them and that’s when I knew something had to change. 

F A Qs

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How do you protect my privacy?

Online privacy is paramount and the risks are real and ever-present.  I have completed a comprehensive course on privacy and gained the knowledge to safeguard sensitive information and protect your online privacy.