For a DIGITIZE package: Items you want to be camera scanned can either be shipped (via FedEx or UPS with tracking and insurance) or we can coordinate a drop/meet up if you are local. We will discuss your goals for the project, how media is to be returned (i.e. put in archival safe photo storage (additional costs) or put back in original album), and understand and be able to accommodate your timeline.


Photos - $0.59/photo

Other Media - $0.79/photo

Oversized - $0.99/page

F A Qs

What exactly is digital photo organizing and how do we even start?

First, we bring all your digital photos together in one place. This includes photos from your phone(s), your spouse's phone, old hard drives, old computers, SD cards from digital cameras, and CDs.

The next step is where we take care of duplicates (often, MORE than two copies exist!) and sort photos into folders. Usually, folders by year and month work for people. Imagine, finding all those photos from your trip to Hawaii (or Alaska, beach photos, and get-togethers at Grandma's), nestled in the folder of the year and month you took the trip. Did anyone else have the desire to look at old vacation photos during the Covid lockdown? An organized photo library definitely makes it easier!⁠⁠

The final and most important step (even if you do nothing else DO THIS) is where we make sure that your centralized, organized photo collection is backed up properly - we recommend using a combination of an external hard drive and a cloud service.