Living in today's fast-paced and tech-savvy world can get pretty overwhelming, right? But here's the thing – our love for stories hasn't changed one bit. And guess what? One of the coolest ways we tell our stories is through photos! 

As a Professional Photo Organizer, I am here to help you make sense of your chaos and bring your visual tales to life. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed or stuck in photo overloadit's time to let Howe Organized handle it! 

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The struggle is real, my friend. We're drowning in a sea of photos, both digital and printed. 

Over the years through documenting our family's life including my daughter’s sports, over 100,000+ photos later, I found myself drowning in digital and physical photos. 

Even when my husband upgraded my camera, I found myself stressed and anxious, not wanting to take photos as I had run out of space to put them. 

Important Tip: Be mindful when taking pictures as it is better to have a dozen good photos that tell the story than thousands that no one looks at because it's too time-consuming.